Navigating the ocean’s greatest crises with eco friendly solution

Sahit Muja CEO Albanian Minerals, Mumbai, India

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2024 / — The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially affirmed that 2023 stands as the warmest year on record, marking a substantial departure from historical norms. The WMO’s provisional State of the Global Climate in 2023 report, released on November 30, highlighted unprecedented record-breaking occurrences across various indicators.

Throughout the year, sea surface temperatures reached exceptionally elevated levels, giving rise to severe and damaging marine heatwaves. Notably, Antarctic sea ice extent plummeted to unprecedented lows, both during the end-of-summer minimum in February and the end-of-winter maximum in September.

These overarching shifts in our climate have direct repercussions on our day-to-day weather patterns. In 2023, the pervasive impact of extreme heat was felt, adversely affecting health and contributing to the escalation of devastating wildfires. Intense rainfall, floods, and the rapid intensification of tropical cyclones left a distressing trail of destruction, claiming lives and resulting in substantial economic losses.

Exploring Nature’s Toolbox: Unveiling Natural Solutions to Combat the World’s Greatest Threat:

Can viable solutions be found for the pressing challenges of ocean acidification, pollution, and escalating temperatures? To explore this pivotal issue, we turn our attention to Sahit Muja, a dedicated New York executive committed to delving into natural solutions for some of the world’s most significant problems.

Sahit Muja underscores the profound impact of a flourishing ocean, not merely as a source of employment and sustenance, but as a crucial driver of economic growth, a regulator of climate dynamics, and a supporter of the overall well-being of coastal communities.

In Sahit Muja’s words, “A healthy ocean provides jobs and food, sustains economic growth, regulates the climate, and supports the well-being of coastal communities.”

It is crucial to acknowledge that billions of people worldwide, especially those grappling with poverty, heavily rely on a thriving ocean for their livelihoods and sustenance. This emphasizes the urgent need to adopt sustainable practices, implement effective management strategies, and passionately safeguard this invaluable natural resource. As we navigate the challenges of our era, Sahit Muja’s commitment to exploring natural solutions not only instills hope but also presents a proactive approach to addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

According to Sahit Muja, human existence is intricately connected to the ocean, a marvel and the most significant treasure on our planet, playing a pivotal role in sustaining sustainability. Spanning over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, the ocean holds a staggering 97 percent of the world’s water, with a mere two percent remaining in glaciers and ice caps. The ocean, a cornerstone of the global economy, shoulders the vital responsibilities of essential functions.

Mr. Muja adds that beyond its economic significance, the ocean emerges as a pivotal player in the battle against climate change. With the potential to offer affordable renewable energy, the vast expanse of the ocean surface presents opportunities for floating solar energy. Additionally, if harnessed to its full potential, ocean waves could meet the world’s annual electricity needs. Furthermore, the ocean acts as a critical blue carbon sink, with G20 countries rich in mangroves hosting almost half of the global mangrove areas.

Expressing regret, Sahit Muja highlights that the ocean is under siege from human-induced climate change and activities. Absorbing a staggering 90% of excess heat and 23% of human-generated CO2 emissions, the ocean bears the brunt of our unsustainable practices. Ecosystem destruction, overexploitation, and pollution further jeopardize the ocean, posing threats to biodiversity, human life, and the global economy. Ineffective governance exacerbates these issues, hindering our collective ability to address and rectify the damage caused by both public and private actors. It is imperative that concerted efforts are made to preserve this invaluable resource and rectify the harm inflicted upon it, as the fate of the ocean is in significant jeopardy at this time.

Addressing these challenges demands a holistic strategy encompassing international collaboration, cutting-edge technologies, policy innovations, and active community participation. It is through this united front that we can uncover solutions that harmonize human necessities with environmental sustainability. My endeavors to acknowledge water as a precious and finite resource strongly align with the worldwide urgency to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Mount’s endeavors have been devoted to a sustained commitment to environmental and sustainability ventures. Confronting global issues associated with climate change, environmental deterioration, and championing resilience and fairness are pivotal endeavors with profound implications for the welfare of our planet and the well-being of future generations, emphasized Sahit Muja.

Mr. Muja underscored, “Exploring nature yields invaluable insights into sustainable and harmonious environmental solutions. Nature, having evolved over millions of years, has honed processes and systems to achieve balance and efficiency. Key principles observed in nature serve as inspiration for environmental solutions.”

Expanding on this, he elucidated, “Nature highlights the importance of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem health and resilience. Minerals, forests, and soil act as natural filters, purifying water and air through physical, chemical, and biological processes.” Muja detailed, “Emulating these natural filtration mechanisms in engineered systems can offer sustainable solutions for water and air purification. Nature adeptly utilizes renewable energy sources, such as sunlight and wind, in its processes. Prioritizing and advocating for renewable energy solutions, inspired by natural processes, is crucial in reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.”

He concluded, “By closely observing and learning from nature, researchers and environmentalists can uncover sustainable and regenerative solutions that respect the intricate balance of ecosystems. Biomimicry, a practice drawing inspiration from nature to address human challenges, exemplifies the potential of applying nature’s wisdom to tackle environmental issues,” as expressed by Sahit Muja.

Sahit Muja eloquently expressed, “In our pursuit of sustainable solutions, we’ve unveiled an ingenious approach employing the extraordinary green rock, magnesium silicates, olivine, and a meticulously crafted blend of essential minerals.

Our method involves mining these rocks, milling them with eco-friendly energy and practices, employing electric trains and environmentally conscious ships for transportation, and dispersing the grains over targeted environments. This stands out as the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective strategy to combat climate change and the concomitant ocean acidification.” Muja emphasized, “Our groundbreaking product, featuring a high-grade olivine variant, coupled with the utilization of free wave energy in oceans, has the power to convert CO2 into magnesium carbonates. This mineral combination enriches the ocean with vital elements for sustaining life, fostering the overall health and wellness of biodiversity. Enhanced green rock olivine weathering emerges as a multifaceted solution, addressing atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, nutrient supply, and the mitigation of ocean acidification.”

Contemplating the vast energy potential harbored in ocean waves, which encompass 70 percent of the planet’s surface, oceans stand as an abundant source of renewable energy. The estimated potential of ocean wave energy reaches up to an astounding 500 percent of the current global demand for electricity. Muja underscored the scalability and enduring nature of enhanced green rock olivine weathering, stating, “Achieve the capture of 100% of humanity’s annual CO2 emissions with a mere 0.1 utilization of shelf seas; this represents a permanent and impactful solution.

The prolific wave energy inherent in coastal areas accelerates olivine weathering, leveraging the force of waves to crush the rock and expedite the natural carbon dioxide capture process.” Sahit Muja proudly positions Albanian Minerals as the custodian of an unparalleled global mineral reserve, boasting the world’s foremost magnesium olivine capable of capturing 100% of global carbon dioxide emissions. This cutting-edge technology, currently in development, assures cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a lasting impact.

At the forefront of innovation, the company pioneers an olivine-based product, securing a crucial mineral blend to address a paramount global challenge and guarantee sustenance for all living biodiversity. The magnesium Olivine-based Natural Green Wonder promises a spectrum of assurances:

100% natural

100% eco-friendly

100% effectiveness in enriching soil and water nutrition

100% efficiency in CO2 removal, with 1 ton of olivine eliminating 1 ton of CO2

100% guarantee of permanent CO2 storage, utilized for vegetation growth as magnesium carbonate

100% commitment to regulating land, water, and ocean acidification

100% dedication to pH regulation in land

100% assurance of increased production and vegetative growth

100% guarantee against land desertification

100% provision of 20 essential minerals for all life forms

100% commitment to purifying land and water from toxic metals

100% assurance of elevating the entire food chain’s quality

100% guarantee of reducing mineral deficiencies

100% commitment to refining water quality

100% assurance against land degradation and erosion

100% commitment to regulating land drainage

100% assurance against diseases

100% dedication to enhancing nutrition for all sea biodiversity

100% commitment to boosting energy levels for all biodiversity

100% dedication to combating climate change

Sahit Muja passionately declares, “To sustain nearly 8.1 billion people, hundreds of billions of animals, trillions of sea creatures, and hundreds of trillions of plants, Albanian Minerals diligently works to introduce this mineral combination globally as one of the greatest future natural supplement combinations. This marvelous wonder is the essence of every living thing, a fundamental building block of the 21st century—a new world.”

Introducing Sahit Muja: Pioneering Sustainable Mining and Technological Innovation

Leading a groundbreaking technology currently in development is Sahit Muja, a highly successful entrepreneur. Hailing from New York with Albanian heritage, Muja is recognized as a visionary leader and investor who has left an enduring impact on the business landscape. His ownership of an extensive range of minerals, including the world’s largest magnesium olivine reserves valued at hundreds of billions of US dollars, positions him as a key influencer in the global market.

Sahit Muja stands as an exemplar of a self-made billionaire, celebrated for his entrepreneurial prowess. Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier business leaders, Muja has uncovered over 1 trillion tons of exceptionally useful and valuable minerals. His remarkable team, composed of diverse experts in science and technology, is dedicated to the sustainable utilization of natural resources.

Muja’s emphasis lies in applying, adapting, and developing cutting-edge technologies within the mining industry to align with global climate ambitions. The focus is on innovative approaches that advocate for the sustainable and intelligent extraction of mineral resources, with a strong commitment to green mining practices. Sahit Muja’s visionary leadership and commitment to sustainable mining practices mark a significant stride toward a more environmentally conscious and responsible future in the industry.

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