McKeown Medical Release In-Depth Guide to Facelifts to Help Patients Choose the Right Facelift Technique to Achieve Their Aesthetic Goals

Glasgow, Lanarkshire – McKeown Medical, a centre of aesthetic excellence in Scotland, lead by award-winning doctor Dr Darren McKeown, who has become renowned in the for advanced aesthetic treatments, is excited to announce the release of his clinic’s guide to facelift techniques, including surgical and non-surgical techniques, to help patients choose the right procedure to achieve their aesthetic goals.

To meet the increasing demand for facelift procedures, McKeown Medical’s new Guide to Facelifts demystifies the entire process. This comprehensive guide offers detailed insights into choosing the appropriate facelift procedure, from deep plane facelifts to the combined deep plane face and neck lift, and details a patient’s complete aesthetics journey to help them confidently make an informed decision.

The expert team of medical professionals at McKeown Medical offers a range of Facelift procedures to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals whilst still preserving a natural appearance. A facelift is an operation designed to remove excess skin from the lower face, jawline and neck. It is especially popular among those in their late 40s, 50s and 60s who wish to restore a more youthful silhouette to their face. Some of the specialist facelift procedures offered at McKeown Medical include:

The Full Facelift – Comprehensive Rejuvenation: The Full Facelift is the entire rejuvenation of a patient’s face through the combination of several effective procedures that are performed in conjunction to address multiple aspects of the ageing process across the face. With a personalised approach, McKeown Medical’s specialists create a bespoke plan of surgical and non-surgical treatments to help achieve the most effective and transformative results.

Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift: A Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift is a sophisticated surgical technique that allows the surgeon to get deeper into the face to achieve the most effective result. The objective is to reposition the soft tissues of the face to restore a patient’s elegant and youthful facial appearance. For a more comprehensive understanding and expert insights, you can watch a video on ‘Facelifts with Dr. Russell Bramhall‘.

The Volumetric Facelift – A Non-Surgical Revolution: The Volumetric Facelift is a non-surgical solution to facial ageing that is designed to restore the lost volume in a patient’s face, resulting in a fresher and more youthful-looking appearance. Unlike traditional surgical approaches, the Non Surgical Face Lift instead creates a full-face rejuvenation through Dr. McKeown’s advanced injecting techniques that restore volume to a patient’s face with dermal fillers for a refreshed – yet natural appearance.

Every facelift procedure provided at McKeown Medical is uniquely tailored to the individual patient to ensure they achieve their specific aesthetic goals. Whether it is a surgical or non-surgical procedure, our facelift specialist Dr Russell Bramhall and his team utilise their expertise, effective technologies, innovative protocols, and years of experience to provide patients with a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance and a reduction of loose skin.

If you’re considering a facelift, the team at McKeown Medical is ready to help. Head to the website for more information on facelifts and to start your story with the team.

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