Maeva Ghonda Announced as Sustainability Keynote Speaker

Sustainability Summit Keynote

“Within our grasp lies the power to harness AI to engineer a sustainable future aligned with the UN SDGs,” said Maeva Ghonda, Author and Sustainability Expert

Within our grasp lies the power to harness AI to engineer a sustainable future aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

— Maeva Ghonda, Author and Sustainability Expert

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, March 27, 2024 / — EWB USA CORP, Engineers for Sustainable Development, and the Center for New Sustainable Business Initiatives (CNSBI) are honored to announce Maëva Ghonda, Author and highly sought-after Sustainability Expert, as Keynote Speaker for the Sustainability Summit on March 26, 2024.

Maëva Ghonda to Empower Attendees with a New Sustainability Vision

“Within our grasp lies the power to harness AI to engineer a sustainable future aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” said Maëva Ghonda, Chair of EWB USA CORP.

Maëva’s keynote address, titled “Engineering Sustainable Resilience with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Building Infrastructure that Withstands Climate Change,” presents a powerful and achievable vision for a sustainable future enhanced by AI. She will demonstrate how AI applications are revolutionizing sustainable infrastructure designs, paving the way for a more resilient future.

A Legacy of Sustainable Engineering Leadership

Maëva Ghonda is a Sustainable Engineering Expert, Board Advisor, and Keynote Speaker. In addition to her role as Chair of EWB USA CORP, she serves on the Governance Committee of EWB USA and chairs the Center for New Sustainable Business Initiatives (CNSBI). Over the last decade, her dedication to Sustainable Engineering has been evident through her numerous leadership roles within EWB USA CORP, including: President, SE RSC, and Culture Chair.

Maëva Ghonda is the author of “Future-Proof Your Boardroom: Propel Profitability Through Disruptive Circular Innovations.” “Future-Proof Your Boardroom” is a Strategy book that equips corporate boards of directors with the knowledge and tools to leverage the transformative power of the circular economy. It unveils a compelling case explaining why this economic model is not just an environmental imperative, but a strategic advantage that could: unlock long-term profitability, secure supply chains, and strengthen brand reputation. Through engaging narratives, real-world examples, and practical frameworks, the book provides a unique roadmap for corporate board members towards implementing disruptive circular innovations to propel their companies towards a future of enduring success in a resource-constrained world.

Maëva has also authored the following books: “AI Takes Center Stage,” “Humanity 5.0,” “Climate Change,” and The Secret Place. “The Secret Place: A Journey of Discovery” is a heartwarming story that introduces Leo, a curious and energetic child, observing his Daddy’s peaceful morning routine. Intrigued by the source of his newfound strength and joy, Leo embarks on a journey to discover Daddy’s “secret place.” This children’s book explores the concept of love, courage, and inner peace. The story ends with a sense of hope and possibility, inviting young readers to embark on their own journeys.

A Powerful Platform for Progress

The Sustainability Summit serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change, igniting innovation, and accelerating progress towards a sustainable future. Maëva joins an impressive roster of featured speakers, including:

(1) Dr. Vanessa Chan, Chief Commercialization Officer at the United States Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions. Vanessa plays a critical role in bridging the gap between innovative clean energy technologies and real-world applications. Her leadership is central to achieving the ambitious goals outlined in the Department of Energy’s report, titled: “On the Path to 100% Clean Electricity by 2035.”

(2) Jennifer Huffstetler, Chief Product Sustainability Officer and Corporate Vice President/General Manager at Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC). Jen will join the discussion on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sustainability. She is responsible for driving the integration and execution of Intel’s corporate-level product strategy to deliver sustainable computing for a future powered by clean energy.

This conference is a dynamic forum, uniting government leaders, business executives, and passionate changemakers to chart a sustainable course towards a more equitable and environmentally responsible future.


EWB USA is committed to empowering communities through sustainable engineering designs. Spanning 40 countries, EWB USA’s work fosters sustainable development and addresses critical needs in partner communities, from sustainable water systems to disaster-resilient infrastructure.


The Center for New Sustainable Business Initiatives (CNSBI) is a catalyst for positive change, empowering businesses to be a driving force in creating a more sustainable world. CNSBI is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future by enabling businesses to develop and implement innovative solutions.

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