Golden ADU Announces Comprehensive Support for Homeowners Through the CA Grant Program

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Announcing Golden ADU’s full-service approach to assist homeowners in utilizing CA Grants for efficient, value-added ADU projects.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2024 / — In a dynamic move for homeowners in California, Golden ADU has recently unveiled its comprehensive support program for 2024, with a keen focus on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The program aims to empower homeowners to fully utilize the state grant program, thereby addressing the housing shortfall by promoting ADU construction.

Golden ADU differentiates itself with a holistic service offering, encompassing everything from architecture and engineering to meticulous planning and robust construction. The firm’s mission revolves around enhancing the value and utility of properties through exquisite ADUs while ensuring the financial viability of these units. “Our aim is to deliver an ADU that is not just a value add to your home but a smart investment that pays for itself,” the Golden ADU team affirms.

Navigating the often intimidating terrain of architectural plans, permits, and construction is a breeze with Golden ADU. The company excels in complying with state regulations, thereby enabling homeowners to not just meet but also effectively capitalize on the state grant criteria.

Issac, a seasoned project manager at Golden ADU, notes, “We have been extremely busy as homeowners from throughout the region respond with great enthusiasm. We understand that the process might be somewhat intimidating. Our pledge is that we will walk every homeowner through the steps involved and make it as close to painless as we possibly can.”

But Golden ADU’s vision extends beyond just constructing ADUs. It’s about nurturing community growth, augmenting property value, and contributing to the resolution of California’s housing crisis. By streamlining the process and offering unmatched professional guidance at every stage, Golden ADU is redefining industry benchmarks.

For homeowners keen on seizing this exceptional opportunity, reaching out to Golden ADU is the first step. Their expertise, coupled with the state grants, paves the way for a self-financing, remarkable ADU.

About Golden ADU:
Golden ADU, a leader in the home improvement sector, specializes in the design, planning, and construction of premium Accessory Dwelling Units. Emphasizing a comprehensive service range, from in-house architecture and engineering to permit acquisition and construction, Golden ADU is dedicated to simplifying the ADU installation process, ensuring a smooth and enriching home expansion experience for every homeowner.

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